Arm/Leg Exercisers

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  • Access Aerobiciser Upper/Lower Platform
    Magnetic resistance offers a quieter more friction free workout * Upper and lower flywheels are operated and controlled independently and give the therapist flexibility in customizing treatment for specific injuries or ailments * A semi-recumbent seat is orthopedically designed for even weight distribution and is removable for wheelchair access * Large LED matrix display monitor tracks 8 attention-holding workout programs including hill climbs automatic heart rate programs and a manual setting * Pulse meter measures time distance speed ca..
  • Agility Dots  Set of 5
    Agility Dots can be used as targets for agility speed drills and to mark starting and stopping points during gait training * Easy to store * Dots are 1/8 thick and made of dual-sided non-slip rubber * Comes in sets of 5 *..
  • Agility Slats  Set of 12
    Lightweight rubber slats function as ladder rungs for agility training box and X drills or boundary markers for drills and games * Their non-slip surface adheres firmly to all types of indoor surfaces * 16 (l) x 2 (w) x 1/8 (h) *..
  • Bosu Pro w/Pump  Blue 65 cm (26 )
    Blue * Improves ankle strength range of motion & helps prevent injuries * Develops balance & co-cordination * Bosu ball comes with DVD & 120 page training manual * Great addition to home gym * Inflation pump included * (26 ) 65cm Diameter x 10 H * Made in USA..
  • Cando Elastic Stretch Strap
    Dynamic stretch strap is made with elastic pockets that allow the user to ease into a stretch * Permits dynamic stretching * Designed for facilitated stretching an active form of stretching that uses isometric contractions to achieve greater flexibility gains that static stretching * Reduces the need for a stretching partner *..
  • Cando Round Foam Roller  4x36
    WHITE FOAM ROLLERS * 4 x36 Round * Perfect for positioning balance postural and muscle re-education spinal stabilization body awareness and coordination and ranging and strengthening activities * Round rollers offer progressive exercise sequences - user can move from an easier (smaller diameter) to a more difficult (larger diameter) roller * Half round roller is a great tool for ankle stretching and knee rehabilitation * TufCoatTM foam rollers have a coated exterior that is washable and durable..
  • Circuit Step Violet Blocks Pk/2
    Circuit Step Violet Blocks * Quantity: (2)..
  • E4 Head Only for 380
    Replacement part for E4 - 380..
  • Endorphin Hand Cycle Bi-Directional
    Endorphin's 300 hand cycle series is a complete upper body muscle-conditioning platform * All 300 models feature a body stabilizing chest support pad that adjusts to a vertical or horizontal position for maximum comfort and has a 7 range of motion * Providing excellent body core stabilization optional foot pedals for lower body use make the 300 Series a complete and adaptable exercise unit * E1 Features: * A magnetic belt drive resistance provides smooth frictionless resistance in the forward and reverse rotation * Adjustable magnetic resista..
  • Endorphin Upper Body Muscle Conditioning Platform
    Ideal closed chain low impact aerobic upper body muscle-conditioning platform * Designed to be accessible easy-to use and allows the user to train independently * Tried tested and proven in rehab facilities and homes the EN355E4 delivers excellent upper-extremity muscle conditioning and improves cardiovascular capacity * The EN355E4 allows the crank arm on the e-resistance system to be adjusted from 36 to 50 from the floor which allows for the unit to be used in a seated or standing position * Provides excellent close-chain and body cor..